Crude Oil Partnership


I choose to reach you through e-mail, as it is the fastest medium of communication irrespective of the fact that it has been greatly abused. I deem it necessary to introduce you to a lucrative business opportunity. I’m talking of crude oil trading! This is considered as the most legitimate and fastest money making machinery anyone can setup.

A crude oil “lifting license” gives the owner the mandate of the National Oil Company (Suppliers of the crude oil), to locate crude oil buyers and arrange a buy/sale crude oil transaction between the oil company and the crude oil buyers. The “lifting license” syndrome came into place because the national oil company does not deal directly with the buyers of the crude oil rather; they prefer to issue oil “lifting license allocations” to individuals/companies to assist them to market the crude oil which they produce. Anyone that owns an ?lifting license” from the local National Oil Company is entitle d to a $2.00 commission from the oil company on each barrel of crude sold to the buyer and another $1. 00 commission from the buyer. In total, oil lifting license owners receives a $3.00 commission on each barrel of crude sold by the oil company. Please note that the commission rates of $2.00 and $1.00 normally increases in times of crude oil scarcity.

The smallest license allocation/quantity one can procure from the National Oil Company is for the sale of 500,000 barrels of crude monthly/per transaction. This implies that 500,000 barrels of crude oil will be assigned to the license owner for sale per month. This allocation size will earn the license owner about ($3.00 multiply by 500,000 barrels) which is $1.5 million gross commissions monthly. If one is lucky to secure a bigger allocation that means you will be earning more commissions monthly. These commissions will be calculated and paid to the license at the end of the sales transaction.

In case you decide to invest in this money spinning project; I will personally reveal to you a well packaged procedure to acquire an oil lifting license. I will personally assist you to locate the buyers of the crude oil and facilitate the sales transactions for you while the resulting commissions will be wired into your overseas nominated banking co-ordinates as the license owner. You need a “seller agent” to assist you to sale the crude since you are alien to this business and do not know the buyers for the crude oil and also because you are not locally resident here.

Feel free to ask for clarifications.

Engr. Frank Thabi

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