Top ten study tips for success in tests and examinations

1. Find your own deep and compelling reason to learn the course and passed the test.
This is really the most important of the study tips that I share with you here because your success is to be deeply rooted in their motivation to learn. Many children in school, not to be there, and can not be bothered, a little too often, why they fail is to try. This does not mean they can not learn, it just means they were dedicated to the work at hand. I know this is true because many times I’ve met hundreds of people that “no” decision in the school, by conventional standards, but in later life, go back to study a subject because I wanted to do it. And because their motivation was doing to succeed.
2. Plan your time to your studies, revision and social commitments – a balance between the fun, rest and study essential.
Under appropriate breaks and give yourself a little reward if you finish a task or learn something new for the examination is crucial to your success. That’s because you in balance, and provide a degree of variety that keeps you fresh and alert. Yes, with an evening with friends is good for you – but only if there is a reward for good work, and as part of the comprehensive plan.
3. Use colorful mind maps for your notes.
Imagine a thinking tool that allows him to have essays and tasks in a fraction of the time you take the time and prepare them much better. Imagine a powerful hour presentation to give a single page with colored notes that you put together about 10 minutes.
4. Review your notes frequently to reinforce their newly acquired knowledge.
Every time revise, if you know what you learned, even in condensed key word format, is deep in his memory.
5. Quickly through textbooks and course materials on fly before you read them in depth, give an overview of the topic.
6. Learn how lists of things by linking each element in a directory on a journey or route you to learn by heart all around your city. You can also use your own four walls.
7. Before a revision to warm up by doing some gentle exercise to relieve any tension in the body and a wave of oxygen flowing to your brain health.
8. Contains documents under the terms of the complete examination adopted as soon as possible in order to familiarize themselves with the familiar format and take the pressure of the working class in the situation.
9. In a survey, you should read the question thoroughly and completely understand what the examiner wants to answer before you start your reservation time and questions.
10. If you experience a mental block breathe deep, relax and ask yourself: “If I knew the answer to this question, what would it be?”