The term psychotherapy is the generic term for all forms of psychological procedures that aim without the use of drug funds to the treatment of mental and psychosomatic illnesses, disease states and behavioral disorders. These are psychological, which is scientifically sound methods of verbal and nonverbal communication systematic application. There are various forms of psychotherapy. The behavioral changes include the social environment and interaction. The goal here is to educate and promote skills and facilitate a better self-regulation. For example, attempts to cognitive behavior therapy affected the thoughts and opinions to make them aware, to correct them if necessary and put into concrete practices. In the depths of psychology (eg psychoanalysis) is more of a confrontation with “the unconscious” (or Nichtgewussten place) in order to clarify the background and causes of suffering.
Definition of Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy is when two or more persons an interaction and communication process takes place with the aim to help the client to remove his psychological problems, mitigate, and to promote their personal development. In addition, there is a clear division of roles in front of the patient and therapist and the therapist planned behavior as a result of his training conscious, systematic and controlled is used. Behavior and experience change be based on scientifically reliable theories. Applied methods are taught and learned.