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Funds Received

Freitag, Mai 6th, 2016


I sent this to you Earlier today, and it doesn’t look like you’ve done it yet..

Please do it right away, or if you don’t want it anymore, please let me know so that I can give it to someone else.

Now that you’ve activated your account successfully, it’s THAT time!

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See you inside


– Support Team

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Auslieferung Ihrer Sendung 85425536964

Mittwoch, Mai 27th, 2015


Ex-Creative Director for the FOX International channels & The National Geographic Channels for Asia Pacific, Shred brings with him a wealth of experience and a stash of a whopping 43 promax awards amongst others for creative excellence and holds an experience of more than 15 yearsin the world of broadcast.


Creative Art Director and co-owner of Sifón DG Studios, Nicolas Ortiz has worked in many broadcast and branding projects for clients like Fox, Discovery Channels, Nat Geo, Coca-Cola, HBO and many more. His work has been granted several international recognitions and now he is working in a commercial fusion with Javier Pelayo, director and founder of Fantasma™ (


Graphic Designer since 2002, Javier Pelayo specializes in broadcast & motion graphics. Since 2007, he leads his own studio where he has handled clients like Fox, Discovery, MTV and Vh1 among others. Javier’s work was granted recognitions such as Promax BDA and New York Film Festival awards.

SHREDINC is a brand and design studio comprising of an exclusive pool of multi-cultural talent from India and abroad with a goal to create branding and communication that make business sense.

We are a clan of broadcast professionals who cater to not just broadcast needs but other related areas like film and music as well. From developing strategy, identity, design and illustration to animation, both 2D and 3D, commercials and live action, we create brands that defy the norm.

A power driven team of designers, animators, directors, producers and filmmakers provide the tour de force that propels our venture towards excellence and makes it a one-of-its-kind studio enterprise.

DHL Transport-Team

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Sendungsnummer 85425536964
Produkt / Service DHL PAKET
Status vom Mittwoch, 27.05.2015 12:43:14 Die Sendung wurde vom Absender in der Filiale eingeliefert.
Zugestellt an Familienangehöriger
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Deutsche Post DHL – The Mail & Logistics Group

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We develop Strategy, Identity, Design, Illustration, Animation, 3D, 2D, Commercials, Live action and effortlessly merge these to create meaningful Brands.
Benefit from our expertise –write to us about your upcoming branding project –


Ciudad de la paz 2280 3G
Zipe code 1428
Buenos Aires – Argentina
+54 911 2161 0912

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Auslieferung Ihrer Sendung 00123877043612387706

Dienstag, April 28th, 2015

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

die Sendung mit der Nummer 00998227866199822781 wurde an DHL übergeben. Zustellung ist voraussichtlich am Dienstag, den 28.04., Zeitfester 13:00 und 16:30 Uhr.

Aktueller Status der Lieferung bei DHL abrufbar.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Ihre DHL

Diese Mail dient lediglich der Information und garantiert nicht die Zustellung der Sendung. Auf diese Mail kann nicht geantwortet werden. Ihre E-Mailadresse wird ausschließlich für die Paketankündigung der oben genannten Sendung genutzt und nicht zu werblichen Zwecken gespeichert.

Die Mail kommt von Kundenservice DHL Express

Der Link führt zu

und die Datei beginnt mit

MZêˇˇ∏@∏∫¥    Õ!∏LÕ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode
$∑€ÛsiàÛsiàÛsiàldàÚsiàRichÛsiàPELˆR?U‡ @‡ usw.

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