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Sonntag, Mai 21st, 2017


hast du dich auch schon gefragt,

  • warum dein Reisepass ROT (≙ Sklave) und nicht BLAU (≙ Frei) ist,
  • warum der Name von EU-BÜRGE(R)N in Dokumenten mit GROSSBUCHSTABEN (≙ TREUHANDVERMÖGEN) geschrieben wird,
  • ob der Euro Falschgeld ist,
  • ob Frau Merkel nur Geschäftsführerin einer NGO (= Nichtregierungsorganisation) ist,
  • warum uns nützliche Technologie vorenthalten wird, usw.?

Nikola Tesla hat bereits 1931 einen Raumenergiekonverter (≙ kostenlose Energie) in seinem Auto verbaut!

Insider verdienen mittels diesem Webinterface mit geringstem Zeitaufwand ein Vermögen!

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Montag, Oktober 10th, 2016

Good Day

How is your health today? Reply back on this Email: (

We have been contacted by MR ANDY MERCHANT in which he has informed us about your illness and the instruction you gave to him to act on your behalf as regards to the claims of your fund, it is in this respect that we decided to contact you first to find out if you are actually in the hospital and to verify if his claims that you have authorized him to receive the fund on your behalf is true as we don’t want to conclude on hearing from him alone, in this respect, if you are out of hospital, it is very important that you should contact us to confirm that you have authorized him to claim the fund on your behalf.

Below are the Bank information(s) that he has sent to us for the purpose of wiring the fund to him, thus:-
A/C NO: 57011457
ROUTIING NO: 064101660

NOTE: If we don’t hear from you within the next 48 hours, we will not have any other option than to proceed with his payment request as he is not aware that we have already contacted you now for this confirmation, therefore, we shall be looking forward to your prompt reply to this mail.

We expect to hear from you ASAP.

Yours in banking service


Sir George Walcort
Foreign Transfer Dept Manager
(UBA) United Bank of Africa.

(UBA) United Bank of Africa. <> &

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Dienstag, September 15th, 2015

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