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Montag, November 19th, 2018


I got your details from an online directory and having been motivated by your personal status, I decided to approach you for a possible partnership in a multi-million dollars project in crude oil trading. The company I work for is the Singapore Refining Company Pte Ltd (SRC).
We have urgent need for a 2 million barrel supply of NATIONL OIL COOPERATION OF LIBYA (NOCL) crude oil per month for a total period of 12 month (1year).

Our company vice president Ms. Foo, who is directly in charge of crude oil purchase in our company, has given me the responsibility of looking for a crude oil licensed agent with the NOCL who we can make this purchase possible. This is so because the NOCL does not sale their
product directly to the buyers rather, through their approved licensed agents who acts as their sales agent/middle man between them and their buyers.

My proposal is this, that we (me and you) work together to get you the NOCL license which will authorize you to be a sales agent for the NOCL and subsequently the middle man between our company and NOCL in our company’s purchase intentions. The NOCL license can be assigned to your name as an individual license operator or to your company name if you have a company owned by you alone registered with your local authorities.

I will assist you step by step in the process leading to securing the license from the NOCL and thereafter introduce you to our company for the signing of all the sales agreements with the NOCL. As the license holder, the NOCL will remit the sales commissions to your nominate commission receiving Banking coordinates after our company effects the payment of the cargo to the NOCL being the seller.

I will have a take home of 40% of your commissions for my facilitating roles while the remaining 60% commissions goes to you as the license owner.

Please note:
My intentions to profit from this operation should be kept discrete between the both of us. It’s against my work ethics to profiteer from our company’s dealing with NOCL but I have seen this as a good opportunity for me to save enough money against my imminent retirement hence my decision to source for a partner who can work with me in this regard.

Feel free to ask for clarifications to enable you understand this process further.

Kind regards.
Mr. Richard Seng
(Private e-mail:

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Montag, November 12th, 2018

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Donnerstag, Oktober 4th, 2018

Sie lieben Schokolade? Dann spricht Sie die E-Mail mit dem Milka-Testpaket sicher an. Wer möchte nicht gern Tester für Schokoladenprodukte sein? In einer E-Mail wird Ihnen ein Milka Probierpaket versprochen. Am Ende erhalten Sie jedoch nur Werbung in Form von Anrufen, E-Mails, SMS und Post. Wie das dazu kommen kann? Nicht Milka selber steckt hinter der Aktion. Vielmehr handelt es sich um ein Direktmarketingunternehmen, welches auf Ihre Daten aus ist.

Dabei handelt es sich immer um Gewinnspiele von Datenhändlern, die die persönlichen Daten der Nutzer einsammeln, um diese anschließend an andere Unternehmen zu verkaufen. Die Schokoladenmarke Milka hat mit dem Versand der nachfolgenden E-Mail nichts zutun. Sie ist auch kein Sponsor. Vielmehr ist das Unternehmen durch die Nutzung des Markennamens selbst geschädigt.

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